I Didn't Cheat On You! (EDITING)

I Didn't Cheat On You! (EDITING)

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Rosemary By Miss_Rosie89 Completed

"How could you do this to me", 

Yelled Ashton shaking, nearly ready to shift, 

i didnt cheat on you Ashton! you know i can't, were mated i said tears running down my face .

Do you think I'm stupid Alison! Do you think I'm so dense,that i don't know what you've done behind my back, do  you think this is some kind of game?! Well guess what, you've won, I'm done, I want nothing to do with you

Ashton turned his back taking deep breath, I could tell his wolf was rising to the surface

" I Ashton Greystone son of William Greystone officially banish you from the Greystone pack. You dare trespass or place one foot on my land you will face death"

Ashton shift into his wolf sprinted towards to forest, In the distant I could hear Ashton howling. His wolf was hurting and so was mine...

My name is Alison King, life was good, actually life was great, I found my mate who happened to be an alpha and we were madly in love. We had great friends supportive family and a healthy size pack to run, things couldn't get an better 

Until I found out I was pregnant with my mates baby then all he'll broke loose

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cnduta cnduta Jun 17, 2017
Woah, this broke my heart... I can't believe it. I have that knot in my throat
amimikey amimikey Oct 13, 2013
ooo I don't know what's going to happen but I want the alpha to feel bad...really really real bad for leaving herself alone agggh!! okay calm down...~~
sharonstone1007 sharonstone1007 Aug 06, 2013
i usually dont like books when the main character is pregers but for you i can make an exception
Melancholia Melancholia Jun 06, 2013
Sounds interesting though I see the alpha's mate too often but it's okay. Just correct a few errors here and there
_Addicted _Addicted Feb 04, 2013
That's sad. Oh lord I hope the whole story wont make me cry.
BlackJag BlackJag Jan 14, 2013
Try writting this in Word, it will help with all the errors.  Its good but if the mistakes were fixed, it could be better.