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One Direction's Daughter

One Direction's Daughter

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tinker bell By LoveandLondon Updated Jun 14, 2015

Sophia Harding is an eleven-year old girl that has gone through too much for a girl her age. She's young, beautiful, innocent, sweet, and caring, someone totally well-rounded and will always be there by your side... yet her past would tell a whole other story. Her mother died when Sophia turned four, her father was always out on business trips, her step-mother Varina and two step-sisters, Britney and Cheryl, are the exact replicas of those evil characters in the Cinderella fairytale, and to top it all off, she works at her father's diner for no pay! So, you wouldn't expect her to have unbelievable luck, now would you? Well, when Britney and Cheryl win a contest to live with One Direction for an entire month, Sophia is fortunate enough to charm the boys into letting her tag along. Little did she know that when her sisters get caught in an unforgivable act by the boys, her life would take an unexpected turn that might just send her spiraling down in misery... or rising up in fame. Which one? Read to find out.  *A massive thank you to @YummyCupcakeMuffin for the amazing cover! :) Go check out their cover thread, **Misty Makers** Looking for a cover, profile picture, banner, and more come on in...!*

I didn't chose the high life....
                              The high life chose me.
cringe-y-fangirl cringe-y-fangirl 2 days ago
I keep mistaking Varina for Vagina, so I'll just call her that
naarpon naarpon Mar 17, 2016
You're breathing. Ok. You're living. Ok. But are you happy? In my opinion there's no point in life if you're not happy
AshtonsFarts AshtonsFarts Jun 26, 2016
Technically you questioned them already. You asked how they were this afternoon.
leanorlove leanorlove May 08, 2016
Nialls mine bîtch back off before I cut off your head and stick it up your ass
RainbowRaindrop98 RainbowRaindrop98 May 16, 2016
ATTENTION: THIS IS A REALLY GOOD STORY BUT she last updated this story a year ago. So read at your own demise.