Bloody Brothers

Bloody Brothers

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matti_1325 By matti_1325 Updated May 29

"Don't you know who they are?" 

"No, should I?" 

"They're the Wayne boys, kind of odd, but so hot."


Jason and Richard (Dick) Wayne, are a couple of the two most athletic kids at Gotham academy, although they are very popular with the ladies, their social lives aren't all great. But, it's a good thing they both live double lives, with them fighting crime along side their father, the Batman himself, they take to the crime filled streets of Gotham City every night. The twins are a team, and always will be, with Jason being able to count on one hand the number of words Dick has spoken in his entire life, (him being selectively mute, and all) Dick needs Jason, and Jason needs Dick to keep him out of too much trouble and on the semi-right path. But, when Bruce forcefully encourages branching out of their comfort zone, he mentions a team of young heros that might do the troubled boys some good.

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