Twins But Best Friends (Book III) Complete

Twins But Best Friends (Book III) Complete

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"De'Janae you gone get us caught! I knew I shouldn't have listen to you!" I yelled. She dragged me to some party knowing we have school in 6 hours. If my momma or daddy wake up and see we're gone they're going to kill us.

"Calm down Ari. We not gone get in trouble. I made sure that they were sleep before we left. The party is almost over." Janae said. I swear if we get caught I'm never going anywhere else with her. 

It was now 3 am when we were sneaking in the house. The lights were still off. Soon as we walked in she stumbles into the table. Did I mention she drunk as hell?

"Omg Janae be quiet before you wake the whole house up!" I semi yelled. She giggled. The living room light came on. My eyes almost fell out my head. Both my parents looked mad as hell. I silently gulped. Janae had her back facing them.

"I'm going to ask one time. Where the fuck y'all grown asses coming from like that?" Daddy said way to calm for my liking. I didn't bother to look at my momma, but I cou...

FullFigure FullFigure Nov 07, 2015
Why does Ari sound like her Momma in book 1? Or is it just me. . . .
_nikkii _nikkii Sep 13, 2015
This too much. Why they doing all this and they about to be 18
OnlyThatReal OnlyThatReal Jul 01, 2014
Daangg!! De'Janae gone be the problem one!! She stay getting In Trouble!!