I Adore You ~ VIOLENTINE • [Modern AU]

I Adore You ~ VIOLENTINE • [Modern AU]

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(most of this story is based off of @thederpartist 's Violentine Modern AU fan arts on instagram. Her works are just majestic, go check them out! They're so worth it).
    Vi's feelings were there from the start.

> You (Violet): 
Hey, Brodes, wanna hang out for a bit? I'm bored af

> BrodyBro:
yeahsure, we can also talk about your new crush looool 

> You:
what? I don't have a crush
Clementine isn't my crush

> BrodyBro
but i didn't even mention Clementine...
> You:
god, i hate you

> BrodyBro:
i soooo ship it
hashtag violentine !
im so telling louis about this

> You:
oh don't you fucking dare tell louis anything or i swear i'll kill you
    It took Clem their first hangout as a group to realize she was falling for the blonde girl.

(the following belongs to @thederpartist)

> clxmenmarsh: dude idk what to do ???? why am i feeling so nervous and jittery around vi ????? why do i feel happy with all the things she bought me ????????

> belouga: clem..........dude you're crushing on her

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