Lie Huo Jiao Chou/烈火浇愁 by priest (English Translation)

Lie Huo Jiao Chou/烈火浇愁 by priest (English Translation)

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❝At the crest of the lava, there are endlessly burning embers . ❞

SYNOPSIS: Sheng Lingyuan has long been dead since he jumped into the fiery abyss of Chiyuan, that is, until he's "woken up" by some unknown force three thousand years later.
Xuan Ji is the newly appointed director of the Reparations Department of the Deviant Control Office, designated to offer aftercare services and clean up the mess whenever supernatural occurrences happen.
The two are brought together by a freak event, and thousand years worth of conspiracy and careful planning begin to unfold before them.

Main CP: Xuan Ji, Sheng Lingyuan

Author: Priest
Date of first release: 2018 December 31
Date of 2.0's release: 2019 May 7
Status: Main novel completed (Extras ongoing)

The title's literal meaning is "Drowning Sorrows With Raging Fire".