See You Soon (Sam Winchester FanFic)

See You Soon (Sam Winchester FanFic)

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A.F. Brown By super-who-lock_ Completed

Sam was gone.  

Ever since the small piece of paper with Sam's writing arrived in Alison's mailbox, Sam was believed to be dead. Alison quickly tries to get over him with an abusive and destructive relationship. She needed something to hide her hurting, hide her from the truth.   

When Sam shows up again, will she be able to forgive him? More importantly, will Sam be able to forgive and forget the people who hurt her? Will Alison ever recover? Will their love ever be restored?  

Is there even enough time?

WARNING: Major character death in some parts. In addition, there may be a chance that this could be triggering for anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and/or any other kind of mental illness you may be suffering from, so please read with caution. Stay safe!

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Jazzy1016223 Jazzy1016223 Oct 07, 2016
Cookie_Dough_Lova Cookie_Dough_Lova May 30, 2015
I swear to god the apocalypse is happening right now. I swear I hear a bunch of gunshots...
MyLoveIsBuckyBarnes MyLoveIsBuckyBarnes May 23, 2015
I want to cry I'm watching a sad movie at the same time reading
tardislover621 tardislover621 Apr 10, 2015
well thank you but sam is not a soldier, he is a hunter. and you are not sam.
I crying bc I'm listening to skinny love like it said and I read it and I am reading this while I'm at my friend house I and we're sitting on the bed and I start sobbing. I am not kidding!!!!! I love this book already plz never stop writing stories like this EVER!!!! 
Property-Of-A-Lahey Property-Of-A-Lahey Oct 08, 2014
Am I the only one thinking of Teen Wolf when I see the word 'Allison'?