Uncovered ~TW/Shadowhunters Crossover~

Uncovered ~TW/Shadowhunters Crossover~

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Stiles Stilinski grew up in NYC, alongside the Lightwood siblings and Jace until his mother, Claudia, who was a Shadowhunter, died, and he was made to live with his dad, who had ignored him for nearly all of his 14 years life.

It wasn't his dad's fault, well it kinda is, but it couldn't be helped, he was banned from ever stepping foot in NYC again, because he helped Valentine. And he's a warlock, who is fairly powerful, but Magnus is far more powerful, in Stiles's opinion.

He lived with his dad until he was 16, and a little after the Hale and the McCall packs were combined, he was kicked out of the pack, for be a "weak human", only if they knew the truth. 

Now it's senior year and he's got a mission.