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Marie By FatherSonHolyGhost Updated Sep 05, 2012

Jae lives in Elore, a refugee settlement. Ever since Jae could remember her mother has told her stories about the Before. People used electricity for everything, from travel to water harvesting. Elore used to be part of a larger community; somewhere called America. But that was Before the Blackout. Now nothing works and what's more is some people are transforming into something... strange. 

Then the Banshees formed.At first the banshees were just a bunch of rag-tag vigelantes but soon people saw that the goverment would fall and the Banshees became law. They were supposed to protect people but they look after only their own and get what they want.

Now they want Jae because  she just may be the key to undo the Blackout.

  • american
  • blackout
  • native
  • syfy
MySilverDust MySilverDust Oct 26, 2012
Wooow... This was an awesome start. Nala is a cute name and I like how sweet her husband is :))
FatherSonHolyGhost FatherSonHolyGhost Sep 18, 2012
@AniMe_FreaK94 Thanks! And yah, how much the baby's parents are involved in the 'blackout' will come out later.
omg_poptarts omg_poptarts Aug 18, 2012
oooh!!! native american!!! im so glad theres a unique book out there with unique ethnicities. im always looking for some but i never really find them. lol. youre awesome for that :D
FatherSonHolyGhost FatherSonHolyGhost Aug 17, 2012
@Anonymously_Izzy No I'm not Native American, but there will be a lot of Native refrences throughout the book. As well as a lot of Jewish ones- benjamin is jewish- I usused to visit the Cherokee reserves a lot.
dftba1D dftba1D Aug 17, 2012
I love Native American culture! I can't wait to read more! I'm also a sucker for a good syfy so I may just fall in love with this story lol
fairyfree fairyfree Aug 17, 2012
I absolutely love novels like this. I hope you update regularly because you are so going into my library. Your plot is very cool.