Undeserving Of Love (vmin)

Undeserving Of Love (vmin)

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Gimin By iamalwaysshaking Completed

"You dropped these" In his glove covered hands laid dozens of heart shaped arrows. My eyes widened as I snatched them back, how humiliating. I thought I had my invisibility on, next time I'll check twice. 

              "Thank you" I say relived. I may be anxious or irritated, but I have to be nice to the human kind. Plus, this one's cute. Yeah, I could barely see his face because of his black mask and fluffy brown scarf, but his eyes were warming me up. Was it that cold?. 

              "No problem, are you cosplaying as someone?" He struck out. I looked at him with confusion, my face clearly perplexed. 

   A story in which love angel Jimin bumps into a stranger and breaks the forbidden rule of 'love'.