Friends with benefits (GaLe)

Friends with benefits (GaLe)

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Levy McGarden is a sweet and innocent bookworm, but she is horny as hell and all the safe and good guys won't satisfy her needs.

Gajeel Redfox sucks at relationships. He never knows what to say or do or what not to do, but is an unexpectedly amazing at sex.

Levy McGarden and Gajeel Redfox have been best friends for years. When Levy comes up with a plan that can satisfy her needs and made Gajeel a ladies man all in one. Even though she thought of every way not to get emotions involved they still come gushing through, that emotion she tries so desperately hard to ward off, is love.

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Flame51 Flame51 Sep 12, 2017
Got to make the joke I'm sorry guys sound kinky god kill me for making the joke of hell
tmntkn tmntkn Feb 23, 2015
omg when i read this sentence my mind changed the word rock, i feel so ashamed
elizajulille elizajulille Jan 12, 2015
Um Wendy is thirteen if we are going by when they were younger and before tenro island
Wait..If she puts her juices on Gajeel's manhood...Idn't she gonna get pregnant then? Just asking idk.
animelife44 animelife44 Sep 05, 2014
It's kinda cool to see Levy and Gajeel out of character. The lemon was not bad but the language was a little rough if that makes sense? But I am enjoying the story so far :)