The House That Jack Built

The House That Jack Built

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William J. Meyer By byWilliamJMeyer Completed

When a man's secretive past threatens to consume him, he must choose between deceiving his wife and losing her for all time.

The newlywed couple Jack and Liz move into their new house on an otherwise uninhabited island, and soon a nearly-forgotten arson casts a fiery shadow over their marital bliss, the mysterious forest surrounding their home, and the strange creature living there.

Cover artwork by Caitlin Cadieux.

You can also listen to this story as Episode One of my short story anthology podcast, Strange/Love.

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- - Aug 17, 2015
Intriguing story. I like how you incorporated the original style of the house that jack built story. Loved the ending of how they remained together and the final image of the dolls  was perfect.
- - Aug 17, 2015
This. This is what I like about your writing. You remember to mention that a knob would be poking into his back.
SamanthaSLK SamanthaSLK Jul 09, 2014
I was enchanted by this beautiful tale of love and sacrifice. Your descriptions were beautiful and the story alluring. Brilliant!
Eleventh_Pen Eleventh_Pen Jul 09, 2014
Wow. Very captivating and intriguing story. I like how the story was divided up with the italicized lines and the writing style. A very enjoyable read.