Marrying My Best Friend

Marrying My Best Friend

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John Michael Señar By JMSenar Completed

Mason’s father wants him to be married on a woman he doesn’t expect to marry. It’s a business agreement. All his life, he always follows his dad’s orders. Because he says it’s the ‘best for him’. He wants to do something that doesn’t dictate by his father. Now, his future is set. He wants to change it. Could he be able to love the woman he will marry?

          Kitty Paris falls in love with the man she will be married to at 9 years old. She doesn’t care if it’s a business marriage, she has only one goal: To make him fall in love with her. But how would she do that? She wants him so badly, and she’ll do everything to make it happen.

          Unfortunately for Mason, he will marry his childhood, sister-like, cute, very beautiful and perfect best friend, Kitty. Will this ‘business marriage’ make a happy ending? Or will it fail?

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JulissaReynoso JulissaReynoso Aug 21, 2017
All I have to say is that her name is weird but that's okay But imagine how funny it would be if her parents have a cat named something normal like Amy. That would be hilarious but kind of messed up.
AprilbornHasina AprilbornHasina Jan 18, 2017
I have just got back from the Philippines with my boyfriend and his family and it was amazing. The people are really nice and welcoming.
Edwardcullen01 Edwardcullen01 Apr 03, 2016
Don't say "no way in hell" when he could potentially like you!!!
Bashbur21 Bashbur21 Jan 09, 2017
I think the story is great!  But the name of the lead girl doesn't suit her character and it doesn't compliment with the lead guy's character.
Edwardcullen01 Edwardcullen01 Apr 03, 2016
I'm cringing at how much she's staring at him lol second hand embarrassment. Gotta be more sly girl
twistedfate107 twistedfate107 Apr 10, 2016
Lol, the "we sleep together" must've gotten quite a few thoughts.