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ANA0072 By ANA0072 Updated Dec 21, 2019

Yes, these are poems I'm gonna write myself. 

If I had a choice, I'd want these hard works to come with fame and wealth

But, I have to work with what I have until a day

Where someone will be like "We like your poems, come work with us and we'll pay"

Alas that day is not now and maybe it will never come true

So for now I'm settling for writing poems and hope people will actually enjoy it as much as I do

Cause I know for sure I don't have a big audience, if any

This will probably not pay a single penny

Fair warning these poems may trigger you e.g.; Racism and anything that will be affiliated with a big knife 

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna give up on this, like I do with things in real life

So yeah, this is the end of my intro, just to give you a taste

Let's just hop straight to it cause we got no time to waste

At least your time is something that's important

To be honest, I'm probably gonna BS my way through this and be brutally blatant 

Also something to note, there will be some cursing, suicide and gore

These poems may sometimes be real or I made it up just for lore 

I'm sorry for ranting and if I make any spelling errors

And sorry in advance if these poems gives you terrors

These rhymes are cheesy and I hate this book already

Whatever, this was a long intro, now I hope you're ready....