Snow White and The Seven Reapers

Snow White and The Seven Reapers

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prinsesa_icia By prinsesa_icia Updated Feb 05

Revenge was best served cold.

"Beware because I'm back. Snow White is back with The Seven Reapers." - Andrea Montenegro

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Story started: June 2014

himerenee himerenee Dec 28, 2016
Am I the only one who read Avada Kedavra in Voldemort's voice? Lol.
Eljey_Olega Eljey_Olega Apr 29, 2016
Wow! Habang binabasa ko 'to para akong nanonood ng isang action movie. Ang galing! =)
fourninezerozero fourninezerozero Dec 02, 2016
I thought this is correlated to the the story na Snow White is a gangster lol. Nvm ill read. Haha
KN_LQ_Fangirl KN_LQ_Fangirl Jun 17, 2016
naalala ko yung mv ni avril na "here's to never growing up" 😂✌
Sannityzer Sannityzer Aug 10, 2016
What the hell?! Gothic!!
                              Indeed she reminds of the here's to never growing up song.
BabaengNosebleed BabaengNosebleed Sep 25, 2016
I'm a Potter girl in a potter world life with magic its fantastic!