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Nikki S Hunter By NikkiSHunter Updated Mar 05


The unthinkable has happened in the small farm town of West Bend; a family of four burned to death when a barn fire spread and consumed their home. An investigation reveals arson and a trail of similar fires that follow the relocations of troubled 16-year-old Frannie Kloss and her father.

The community - grieving and angry - threatens to tear itself apart unless justice is served, and soon. Without a friend or an alibi, Frannie is arrested, tried, and convicted of arson and manslaughter. Under pressure to keep the peace and offer West Bend closure, the Judge condemns Frannie to hang.

When new details surface about the fires after Frannie's conviction, deputy Daniel Klein pushes for an appeal. But Frannie shows no interest in reopening her case. Klein suspects she's protecting the real arsonist. But who is it, and why is Frannie willing to take their secret to her grave?

WARNING: Deals with mature themes.

  • ambiguous
  • broken
  • childabuse
  • confusion
  • consensual
  • control
  • dualpov
  • familysecrets
  • fate
  • femaleprotagonist
  • fiction
  • justice
  • lies
  • loss
  • love
  • psychological
  • sacrifice
  • self-esteem
  • shame
  • shortstory
  • vengeance
  • victim
  • whodunnit