The Abyssal Conspiracy

The Abyssal Conspiracy

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A Nocturnal Symphony By StephenEgner Completed

Without a memory to her name, Umbral Amontillada awakens on a stormy beach in the remains of a wedding dress. With her overlarge body and underdeveloped social skills, Umbral finds it difficult to interact with others; let alone care about the end of the war between humanity and the aquatic Abyssals. But Umbral's strength soon catches the eye of Gnothica's former general, who believes the Abyssals are hiding something sinister below the waves... and he wants her help in finding it.

[Book 1b of A Nocturnal Symphony - Pairs with The Infernal Heir]

Please note, this is a full length novel that comes out to around 400 pages and 120,000 words. It also starts out slow, so bear with me for a bit.

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