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[BOOK 1]

❝this is my life, i'm the one who gets to live it.❞

luella faith skye - a story to be told.

who is she?
what's her story?
is it going to be an indulging self-finding adventure, or a sappy romance?
will she grow steadily, or will she have bumps along the way?
is she safe?
is she truly free?
is she alone?
is she okay?
to answer these questions, luella needs to start living her story. finally released from her 18-year-long orphanage stay, she walks the town's streets, meeting different people at different stops... it's a mystery how her life is going to roll out. friends, lovers, by-passers; they all have roles. and they're playing parts in luella's story.

| NOTE: this book does have harry styles in it but it's an a.u. so he is only merely cast as the male lead for strictly appearance and name. so yes, you can read this no problem even if you're not a harry fan. |

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nuellaa nuellaa Feb 12, 2016
i opened this book with the sole reason being that my name sounds like the title
nuellaa nuellaa Feb 12, 2016
"nuella"  "luella" my name is never in books but this is close enough
rafaelastar43 rafaelastar43 May 01, 2016
I don't think it's a good idea to have Danielle as the cover anymore because ppl get to defensive on how she's with lou and not hazza
moaningnarry moaningnarry Dec 23, 2015
Been there; the most stressful realisation/situation of my life lol
ines-peradamente ines-peradamente Aug 26, 2014
Hi, I'm @FallingforZayn_  (twitter)  I love your fan fic, it's amazing!
calumsjiz calumsjiz Jul 31, 2014
Wow! It's really intriguing... Can't wait to read the next chapters! :D