Just Never Good Enough

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Izzy By IzzyHeartsOreos Updated 3 years ago
Have you ever felt inadequate? Has anyone ever told you, you're just not good enough? They've said it to me a million times. Or maybe a million and one times.. I tend to forget when I'm told those very words so often. Some people let those words take them down, but not me. I fought those words, took the pain, and still failed. But once, just once, I felt success. Maybe it was worth the pain, maybe it wasn't. Either way I'm going to tell you my story. Just take the time to listen, and maybe it'll help you with whatever you're facing.
    My name is Kyle Charms and I've faced more rejections than you've taken breaths. And this, is my story.
    // I might add anecdotes of my own life into this here and there, but the majority of it will be fiction. The story will bring out the deepest of emotions locked inside, that I will promise. You'll feel intense sadness, anger, hate, love, pain, relief and happiness.
    "We all face our own demons, some are worse than others. But who can judge yours but yourself? For this reason, one must be in the shoes of another, to understand their pain, to face their problems and decipher the truth behind the false smiles that we tend to believe." - izzy.
Wow this was really very good, I'm intruiged. I REALLY liked the way you described everyone. But question: when you were describing Blaze did you purposefully use the word "snow" twice?
You should really get a cover, it gets a reader's attention:) But other than that it's a very good story :)