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I won't wait (BoyxBoy)

I won't wait (BoyxBoy)

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The author By xoaygirl Completed

"You think I want to hurt you", he strained balling his fist. "You're so foolish", he groaned. "Can I ask another question?".  
"No leave me alone". He pulled my arm making me force his hand off. "Don't. Do that". He gave me a questioning look before grabbing my hand and backing me into a wall.  
 "What does he have that I don't?".  
I squeaked at his question, "what?!".  
"You know what I'm talking about. I see you looking at him over the lunch table. The way you look at him when he's laughing. The way you blush when he talks to you for long periods of time. What is it?"

[warning: this story does move faster than my other stories and does change point of views. THE CONTENT IS MATURE]

Greekish Greekish Jun 21, 2016
This is my first time reading, so I don't know, but I don't understand something... It's like his first day right? So how is he already having a crush..?
orkey1226 orkey1226 Aug 07, 2016
^-^Ooooo!!!!! I wanna know who the crush is! Please tell me author-chan! *get down on knees and gives you a puppy-face* PLEASE?
minnie_thuglife minnie_thuglife Sep 29, 2016
He probably grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood...
DESTINYY-_- DESTINYY-_- Apr 29, 2016
I hate people like this " why are you so mad?" "Are you ok?" " you look so mean." BÍTCH THATS JUST MY FACE
minnie_thuglife minnie_thuglife Sep 29, 2016
I assume he hates people because he doesn't believe in lasting friendships?
cici1420 cici1420 Aug 26, 2015
No problem we understand, school comes 1st. Thx 4 letting us know. :)
                              Hope you get a great grade on your assignments.