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Charlotte-Grace Williams is the best friend of Stefan and Damon Salvatore and Rebekah Mikaelson. Stefan, Damon and Rebekah all share the unlikeliest in common. It truly is comical. The Salvatore's and Mikaelson's at the best of times were like oil and water. Sometimes, with a lot of help and heat, they'll stir together. However, as soon as the calm arises, the two will not mix.

Charlotte, otherwise known as Lottie, grew up in Warwick, a town in England's west midland region. However, she was forced to leave when an unknown man had attacked her and taken her life mid 1850's, theoretically. Here she is, 164 years later without a tinkle or grey hair. 

Lottie was known for her impeccable and undeniably good looks. She was very noble and sweet, a girl anyone could get along with, hence how she was friends with Rebecca. Despite her zealous and doting nature, she had a side of her that very few dared to cross. Those that did, no longer saw the sun or the moon, only darkness.

After nearly a...