Undying Flower

Undying Flower

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Eien By Eien24 Updated Mar 13, 2019

"I will grow like a beautiful Flower, and if I fall, at least I will make a Flower Path for you."

"I found myself lying on the ground, not knowing what happened to me, or where I am... But then I realize something important... something really crucial is missing from my jumble of thoughts..."

Fel found herself at a journey, to find the cause of her "death". Her spirit somehow remains on human world and ended up has a supernatural power.
She can live the memory of a person in the past, fixing their lives so they don't have any regret in the future.
But Why?
While living memories of other people, she'll find some clues about herself, and learn about the many kinds of true love...

Will She find an explanation of what happened to her?
Will it reveal her destiny?

"My light, my savior. It is your beginning"