Dork Diaries: Brianna's First Year

Dork Diaries: Brianna's First Year

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BriannaAndMatt By TheSugarQuill Updated Jul 04

First day of middle school! Crud. My older sister Nikki told me all the " wonderful" kind of things that goes on in middle school. Like... crushing on a guy friend. Nikki's a senior in high school now. My mom had another baby when I was six. I now have a six year old sister named Kaylee. She's TOTALLY obnoxious. 

Well, time to go to school... 

I walked into the school and prepared for complete drama. But, I happened to have made two friends within the first minute of sixth grade. 

I saw a girl and her friend totally lost. 

" Hi," I said, being friendly. 

" Hi, I'm Ally and this is Cathleen," Ally said. 

" Call me Cat," Cat said 

" I'm Brianna." 

" We are lost," Ally said. " We're looking for Mrs. Heart's class." 

" I'm going to that class! She's right over here." I motioned them to the language arts hallway. 

We all walked to her class together. 

When we walked in we realized, Mrs. Heart has absolutely no heart. 

" You girls are thirty six seconds late to my class!" She s...

JadaT13 JadaT13 Sep 25
I thought it would be her and Oliver if you read the real books
I only read the original Dork Diares series but I hope the creator of Dork Diaries can make this in the future! (new follower btw)
minty_mimi minty_mimi Sep 24
Why wasn't Amanda there , that's Mackenzie's real sister in the dork diaries series and if she was their it could've been Brianna's bff since they both are in the real book
sam__malfoy sam__malfoy Oct 26
Brianna u grew up so fast 
                              It seems like just yesterday u were playing hairdressers and cutting Nikki's hair off and now ur in middle school😭😭😭💟
Dear TheSugarQuill, 
                              You have inspired many young minds (possibly) and you have also inspired my young mind so thank you and please write more stories on Brianna.❤️
                              p.s. can you please write a story about Brianna's younger sister?
I will name my kid Brie because...brie is one of my favourite cheeses lol