Melting Love

Melting Love

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Barbara Acosta By See_Barb_Write Completed

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He fished out the sapphire ring and blew off the pie crumbs. "Layla Monroe, there are a million ways to be happy in this world, but for me... a life with you is the only way. Will you marry me?"

Layla's jaw dropped as she took in the sight of him holding her Lola's delicate silver band. For a fleeting moment, she was swept away by the sweet simplicity of his proposal.

So much so that she almost forgot it was all just a ruse.

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Surprise flings. 
Spring Rolls. 

What sounds like the plot of a dime-store "Sex and the City" spinoff  is actually Layla's agenda for December. Add in a stunning Washington backdrop and it's a recipe for the perfect winter holiday.  

On paper. 

Also 'on paper': A decade's worth of hand-written letters exchanged with All-American, blond beefcake Luke Casey. Layla needed an escape from her meddlesome mother and her cheating ex-boyfriend and a visit to her friend Luke's hometown for Christmas seemed like the perfect getaway. But after ten years of long distance friendship, Layla has no idea what to expect when she finally sees her pen pal in the (stupidly handsome) flesh. 

What she absolutely did NOT expect: A tangled web of secrets, lies and ancient Filipino mysticism with herself woven into the center. 

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R•E•A•D•E•R Response 

"This is like nothing I've ever read. Pete's humor and personality LEAP off the page. And the passionate scenes..... whoa, I'm in love." 

"I'm up at 4 am thinking about Melting Love. You started it slow and built it up into something no one would ever expect. I can't get enough-- I must know what happens next!" --Icy_Temper

"This book has me at the edge of my seat- majorly. I'm so invested in the love story but there's so much more mystical storyline I'm sitting here trying to figure out what is going to happen next. What is Layla? What else can she do? MORE PLEASE!" -CarolineGlam