The Devils Son (BxB)

The Devils Son (BxB)

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(Warning: Contains sexual content, uncensored language and Incest)

 Lucien Liverpool is different from everybody else. You can probably tell by the way he stares blankly at everybody. He doesn't like people, in fact he hates them. Everyone stays away from the young boy that was slowly turning psychotic. Maybe they do because he is actually a cold blooded murder. How can a boy this young,  be this evil? 

Allison Nathan is the most innocent person in town. You'll be able to tell just by his appereance. He's sweet and caring and people can't help but love him. His innocent personality is what often gotten him in the most trouble with men. How can a boy this pure, taste so sweet?

 Marcia Frederick is the most strangest girl around. You'll be able to tell by the way she watches everyone with individual fascination and how she wears the most weridest clothes. She is kind to the world but take your distance when you make her mad. You might wind up missing. How could a girl this polite, be so wicked?

what?...............................cute and nice but still (and some how I was hopping he was going to age quicker to help her out)
lilingppg007 lilingppg007 Oct 07, 2016
Why didn't he just shoot the baby? Surely his aiming isn't that bad for him to not be able to shoot the baby before the mom tackles him again. I'm just wondering.
sorta_gone sorta_gone Feb 05
How is it that a lady that just gave birth can do all that. Can I be that badass?
-ReignAdore -ReignAdore Jan 02
ok. I don't have to worry about having kids. CAUSE MY POTATO ASS IS ADOPTING
Tourment7 Tourment7 Dec 01, 2016
Awwww when u think about what he could've done that's soooo sweet
BreakfestIsthisWay BreakfestIsthisWay Oct 24, 2016
Didn't she hear the part where he says he's going to KILL HER BABY?!