A Soldier's Love

A Soldier's Love

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Jack Francis By FloribundaRomance Completed

*Tearjerker -- LGBTQ -- Historical / WWI*

In Paris, at the end of World War I, also know as the Great War,  everyone is a little broken. Some are more broken than others. Marguerite Bartelle, while making a delivery for her family's grocery, happens upon one of the most broken men she's ever seen. He's missing two limbs and is covered in burn-scars; he's full of anger and shies away from her love. But Marguerite sees past the soldier's disfigured exterior; she sees the heart within, and is determined to help him heal it. 

It starts out as a young girl trying to make a friend, and soon becomes a race against time. The broken soldier is dying, and his only hope is to unburden himself to Marguerite, and heal his shattered heart. Will she heal it in time to save his life? Will the heartfelt efforts of a naive young lady be wasted on this disfigured brute? In an entire world ravaged by war, Marguerite wonders...

Can "happily ever after" still exist?

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