Royal Alpha Jaxon ✔️ {Wattys2016}

Royal Alpha Jaxon ✔️ {Wattys2016}

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Aspire to Inspire By Midika Completed

*Mature Content*

(First installment of the Trial Series)

*English Version*

Juliette Kerson does not want to fall for the Alpha Kings scheme of luring in Wolves, forcing them to compete for a place in his pack by attending the Thirty Day Trial. 

She wants freedom, not discipline. But this year, she is nominated to compete, and she is no loser.

Free spirited, Juliette catches the young Alpha's eye. But she also is the product of an unspeakable species called Skinwalkers.

She's different, but keeping that from an interested Alpha proves harder then it seems, especially with Ace, the deadly Skinwalker with a secret lurking around.


♡ I'm an author who wishes to start a petition against cliches, so prepare for the opposite, in this totally different, and unique take on a Werewolf legend ♡


jean100_luvsbooks jean100_luvsbooks Nov 28, 2016
This story sounds very similar to a book I read. *tilts head suspiciously to the side*
WinterWidowislife WinterWidowislife Sep 11, 2016
This better not end sad cause I just finished sobbing over this book I just finished
ItsSoOriginal ItsSoOriginal Dec 01, 2016
Legal Disclaimer on Me
                              I would most likely comment on every chapter, except when I'm at school I have no wifi, so if I don't comment you know why. 
                              I also like to dedicate a song to every chapter so this Chapter song is Fight Song
femo-L femo-L Dec 06, 2016
real disclaimer is this book is great yet the sequel is discontinued
PandoraOlympia PandoraOlympia Dec 29, 2016
just come back from a wattpad break to see this story. im on cloud 100
ScarlethLetter ScarlethLetter Nov 05, 2016
I don't watch teen wolf so idk what y'all are talking about so imma keep on reading until I find out 🙂