The Beginning [ON HOLD UNTIL - January 2012]

The Beginning [ON HOLD UNTIL - January 2012]

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Aim Loui By Aimeelouise Updated Apr 23, 2011

Planet Earth Was Empty
 Abandoned By Its People A Thousand Years Ago

The Year Is 3708
And Now Earth Has Welcomed A New Race

The Arkimi....

 in the Arkimi race violence is not used, they  are naturally a completely peaceful race that have travelled he universe for billions of years  restoring life and happiness to all the dead and dying planets they come across that was until they found earth, the Arkimi restored the planet to health and then discovered the Ukai  which at the time had been a small group of eco warriors that had stayed back to help there planet, the Ukai had been terrified of the arkimi and couldn’t believe how alike they looked to humans other than the obvious hair colours and blood, a few months after they came the Arkimi packed up their ship and prepared to leave, the Ukai however had other plans and blew their ship up, they then captured the arkimi and put them in a city separated from the rest of the world surrounded by huge iron fences (Iron is the only thing that Can kill an Arkimi), The Ukai were selfish and once they had realized how amazing the Arkimi really were they were not going to let them leave, five hundred years later the arkimi escaped unable to leave earth but able to protect themselves from the Ukai they took up refuge in a large valley on the south side of the planet and that is where they have been ever since  ...

Until Now

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JennLH JennLH Jan 31, 2015
This story is very interesting but you really need to work on your punctuations... It's a hard to read.