Mafia Boy's Property (Namjin)

Mafia Boy's Property (Namjin)

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_xIcythotx_ By xtoxicdemonx Updated Jun 16

"I don't know~ something's has to be done to repay your parents debt Seokjin and I'm afraid this is the only way" 

"W-wait please their has to! I-I'll do anything please.....wait....I-I think I have something o-our groups were once enemies right?" Jin said standing up facing Namjoon who raised a brow. "Yea? But hurry up I'm losing my patience Seokjin and I don't like losing my patience now" 



"No! Seokjin if your thinking what I think your thinking don't this man is a mo-" 

"Shut it" Namjoon growled stepping on already Jin's injured dads back harder making him groan in pain. Namjoon then looked at Jin slightly interested in the idea  who turned away gulping not wanting to look at his father groaning in pain. "Y-yea marriage I-i said ill do anything a-and since our mafia groups are both enemies let's ally them by m-marriage w-will that settle look at it like this if your other enemies founded out the two most powerful leaders children of the greatest mafia groups marry t-they'll get scared and not want to come after us" 
Jin said looked down. When he said he'd do anything for his parents he would they supported him throughout everything even though they kept a serious secret from him he still loves them no matter what Jin had to do something or his parents will die and he dose not want that to happen. Namjoon looked at the boy for a while thinking lowering the two guns down that was about to go off if Jin's parents and skis stepping off of Jin's back. "That actually doesn't sound that bad Seokjin marriage with the son of the Mafia it sounds good......then it's settled then~" 

Started: March 16, 2019
Finished: ???

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