Twilight  •  Minsung

Twilight • Minsung

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"I'd never given much thought to how I would die. Maybe I should have, considering the company I'd been keeping."

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Some disclaimers for whoever cares:

• I'm not claiming copyright to this, except I did rewrite 99% of the entire book, so maybe I am??? No, copyright to Stephenie Meyer and Han Jisung and Lee Minho and myself. Credit to rightful owners of the photos used in the cover, but the *crappy* editing is mine.

• I changed a few happenings, either because it didn't fit with other alterations, or it was self-indulgent.

• I changed a bunch of interactions between Jisung and Minho because Bella and Edward have a really different relationship than Minsung do. 

• Also, Minho and Jisung's personalities are different than Bella and Edward's, so I changed them accordingly. Minho is more sure of himself, more humorous in his monologuing, has a bigger inner world, and is more skeptical of Jisung. Jisung is sweeter, less moody, more neurotic, and I straight-up erased all his problematic, sexist and abusive traits - because domestic abuse isn't romantic, kids. 

• I made there be eight Cullens (not including Minho) because I wanted SKZ to be together in the end :3

• I made some of Bella/Minho's admirers less interested in Minho, since Forks is a small town and probably not that openly gay. So I dropped a few of those interactions and situations.

• Also I cut down some of the probing romance questions from Bella/Minho's classmates and changed some pronouns, because gay.

• The ending is different. Still happy, don't worry :3

• i am hardcore pushing my agenda in this. CONSENT AND GENUINE LOVE AND FANSERVICE AND THE GAY SH*T AND HOW BROWN SKIN IS PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL. if you don't like it then the door is that way...

and a side note, if you liked this,  you'll like Midnight Sun! it's this book rewritten from Jisung's point of view. more angsty romance, more time with his brothers, new cute moments, everything!