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I looked down nervously. What did they want to talk about?

"Stop looking away from me Natalia. Keep your eyes on mine." Erin growled.

I nodded and he kissed my head.

"What were you doing with Theo that day?" He asked.

I couldn't tell them. No way in hell. 

If they punished me for just talking to him imagine what they'll do when I tell them what I did.

I felt a slap on my rear.

"Answer him Natalia." Johnathan whispered.

I bit my lip and looked down.

"What were you doing?" Erin asked again.

"He was helping me practice..." I said softly.

"Practice what?" Johnathan growled.

"K-kissing .." I said quietly.

They both stood quietly.

"Slide your panties down and bend over." Erin told me.