Death of a Shinobi, Rise of a Demon {DISCONTINUED}

Death of a Shinobi, Rise of a Demon {DISCONTINUED}

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TheRejectedQueens By fallen-angel563 Updated Oct 28, 2016

After dragging Sasuke back to the leaf, life seemed to only have gotten worse for Naruto Uzumaki. Tired of all the pain, Naruto leaves the village. 

Now, danger looms on the horizon. Tensions are rising higher between the five great nations, and war is inevitable. Will Naruto find he heart to help his home village, or will he abandon it to the  war?
Book 1 of a series I'm planning to write. Naruto/Soul Eater Crossover

(Warning, my insanity)

  • adventure
  • angels
  • crossover
  • death
  • eater
  • hatred
  • konoha
  • missing-nin
  • mystery
  • naruto
  • new
  • pairing
  • romance
  • soul
  • souleater
  • tsunade
  • war
  • yaoi
FairyTailLover022 FairyTailLover022 Dec 02, 2017
At first I thought this was a girl even though its a yaoi story
HomeworlderMoonstone HomeworlderMoonstone Jul 18, 2017
-stares off into the distance and realizes, 'I didn't finish the description'-
Sad_Small_Cinnabun Sad_Small_Cinnabun Dec 02, 2017
What, wait waitwaitwaitwait WAIT WAIT WAIT this, i just i ca- icou wahaaaaat*passes out from the WTF JUST HAPPENED*
yoake-no-rokishi yoake-no-rokishi Apr 22, 2017
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sweet-music sweet-music Oct 29, 2016
It's not called being gay it's called being FABULOUS \(^3^)/
inuyasha900 inuyasha900 Sep 26, 2016
Guess I'm reading this book abdominal gonna have to read the other books of ur