It Will End In A Kiss

It Will End In A Kiss

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Ginaddict By ginaddict Updated Jul 21

Author's note: I used Tin/Can image because I have them in my mind when I made this story. But the names are not theirs. Weird, I know...but that's me. You will understand if you read it. 😁


St.Anne Academy

Manila, Philippines

Helping my bestfriend propose to her crush is such a chore.

But I can't say no to her. 

"Hurry up, Blu!" AnneMarie, my bestfriend since third grade, joined to help me set up the sound system we borrowed (by coersion) from the radio club. The sound system, consists of a mic and three bulky as ass speakers, were arranged here in the rooftop of the Science Building for AnneMarie's much awaited moment of love confession.

"It will be the Most Romantic Confession of the Century!"

"You capitalized the beginning of those words in your head, right?"



"You are my bestfriend, please support me." 

"I do support you. I just don't see what you like in this Robin..."

"He is handsome, nice to our costudents, polite to his elders, smart and over ...