Reining Chaos | Welcome to the Universe: Book One

Reining Chaos | Welcome to the Universe: Book One

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Chaos begins with a lie. And the more powerful you are, the bigger your lies.

When Lanx- an alien ex-con taking refuge on Earth- violates their deal, Alexandra turns him human to show him what it's like to be weak. But one of her gifted students (who keeps humans safe from what he thinks are Earthly demons)- isn't convinced by Alexandra's brand of justice. Feeling guilty after Alexandra saves his life, Lanx reveals the other exiles are conspiring, desperate to build an army against her to gain their freedom.

But the exiles aren't Alexandra's only problem. The Ascendants- the most powerful group in the universe- summon Alexandra because a Soul Stealer's been found. As she killed the last one, one Ascendant is convinced she lied, rallying the others to brand her a traitor. But it's Red- ruler of the volcanic prison world the exiles came from- who may tip the balance, inadvertently getting sucked into the Ascendant's scheme, navigating other's overt hatred of Alexandra and his own mixed feelings about the powerful enigma. 

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⚠️ Some violence and language

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