The So-called Boy Magnet

The So-called Boy Magnet

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Winnie PGR By MissSo-called Completed

Book 1 of the so-called series.

Sensitive, perceptive and with a mind of her own, Tina Lauren is friends with a lot of boys. They include the smartest guy in her class, the University 'gentleman' and the famous Rockstar twins. Because of this, her jealous classmates label her 'boy magnet' and bully her. Tina silently endures the bullying until a person she shares a complicated past with shows up, Drake Parker. 

Blessed with wealth and good looks, Drake has ladies swooning over him, but he has his eyes set only on Tina. 

And he will not stop until he gets what he wants. 

Even if it means crossing all boundaries.

But Tina will fight back, not caring about the deadly consequences...

Join Tina in her journey of moving on from the past, standing up for herself and most importantly, realizing the power of her inner voice.

Note: The book contains sensitive themes such as abuse and bullying. Reader discretion is advised. Rated 16+ because of the rawness of emotions portrayed.

There is no explicit language / sexual abuse / sex scenes and all abuse-related chapters have a trigger warning. 

Please read the story online. The offline mode might not display the media with text conversations that are integral to the story.

Awesome cover by @ArielMoreaux