He Caught Me

He Caught Me

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CityLightGold By CityLightGold Updated Aug 15, 2015

Emma was a normal girl. Oh, who was she kidding? She was probably most socially awkward, clumsy, embarrassing girl known to man. 

Emma Siers was happy with her box of chocolates and her bed. The only reason she didn't stay there the rest of her life was because her best friend, John, dragged her out of bed to see her brother play college ball as a pitcher. After that, she planned on going home and watching the Notebook for the thousandth time and cry some more about her break up with Josh. But, that wasn't necessarily the case. After heading to a victory party, she lays eyes on the gorgeous catcher, Ben Varel, and her life changes. 

But, as she realizes Ben is her brother's best friend, love doesn't really describe the thoughts running through her head. Would her brother care? Could they hide it? Why is John giving her the cold shoulder? Is it even worth it? Her mind doesn't seem to have a rational answer for any of these questions. She just hopes it ends well.

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