Taken By Sleep {Joshler} |Completed|

Taken By Sleep {Joshler} |Completed|

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Charlio By Charlie_c Completed

(Cover made by the amazing @alltimetrashcan)

Tyler: your typical shy new kid

Josh: the unpopular nice guy

When the two meet, they become best friends. All is happy and well-with a few bumps along the way, of course- and everything goes as a happy Joshler you'd expect. 

Until you forget to expect the unexpected. Read more to find out what happens ;) 

•Sorry this description sucks, the book is better•

The beginning made me think we were in Josh's head until the "blue mohawk" part 😂
First time reading, I'm in bed, it's 2 in the morning, and pretty soon I'm gonna start sobbing waterfalls
its currently 2 am and im not ready for what i know is coming
smol1beans smol1beans Jul 10
I'm reading this for a second time,one sec lemme just grab my tissues to be ready
-thatpoppyy -thatpoppyy Jul 05
It's weird that i hate talking to people but i'm the loudest person ever
I did NOT see that coming. I didn't realize that was Tyler ant the beginning!