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Celestial draco By CelestialDraco6 Updated Jun 01

Everyone in Unordinary is changing whether it is for good or bad.

Blyke is changing his perspective on the low tiers and is trying to be friends with them. 

Seraphina is trying to be be more than just friends with John.

Remi decides to continue the mission to avenge for her brother
's death. 

Arlo is getting more conscious and caring of the people around him.

John is trying to break out of his shell of insecurities and is trying to trust people around him.

But what happens when Remi teams up with Arlo and John to go after EMBER each with their own reasons.
Will the changes bring a new turning point in their lives.

Main Ships:

  • arlo
  • blyke
  • claire
  • elaine
  • friendship
  • john
  • remi
  • secret
  • seraphina
  • unordinary
  • webtoon