Tsundere Burns:  (Romano X Reader)

Tsundere Burns: (Romano X Reader)

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Just another reader-chan book!!! X3 ENJOY!!

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Acepuppy Acepuppy a day ago
No...Im shorter than him lol. My height is 4'8 and I'm 15! XD lol.
evilturkey5 evilturkey5 Aug 02
When I was like four I was being really stupid and I just put my hand on the stove while it was on
trash4564 trash4564 Nov 05
Papyrus will not approve 
                              Sans just don't care just drinking ketchup 
                              Undieing smashes all the tomatos
                              And Spain starts to cry because of the tomatos
She really surprised me! *wipes a tear since an author finally put a good pun in*
Damn it reader-chan should have said. 
                              "Of course only you would know." _Boi don't be messing with me. I have to live with my weird yet awesome friends that are known to be savages. Plus I'm a crazy Latina >~< XD
_shoookie_ _shoookie_ Sep 05
                              but its kinda weird cause my actual name is Bella...