Being Butch Green

Being Butch Green

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Hollie Wilson By Hollie_Wilson Completed

An extremely dangerous file. An awkward teenager (who'd rather think of himself as the badboy of nerds). A converted, somewhat nice criminal. And an illegal medical lab.

All is not what it seems when seventeen-year-old Butch breaks himself out of the local police station, making a somewhat daring run for it with his criminal file. There's just one tiny problem...he grabbed the wrong file and now the police are hunting him down. On a single chance encounter with his estranged brother Jack, who went awol when he was twelve, Butch never expected his luck to turn so horribly wrong.

As the dynamically-misconstructed duo venture off in a game of Dodging Death across the countyside, Butch never expected his plans to return the stolen file to go so terribly wrong...

Just what did he get himself into?
 A journey for all those who understand what being an awkward teenager with some wrongs to right is like.   

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  Warning: This story does contain mild-moderate course language, some graphic violence and a lot of sarcasm as a means to portray characters.