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I'm No Cinderella

I'm No Cinderella

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ashleyimane By ashleyimane Completed

Annabeth lives a modern fairy tale. Her step-mom hates her, she's in love with Percy, a boy she can't have, and she's the bullied outcast in her school. When her two friends drag her to the school's Masquerade Ball, and she does something stupid like, kiss her crush and leave him love-struck with her lost owl earring, will her life drastically change for the better? Or for worse?

Fanfiction for Percy Jackson.

Undergoing edits.

Ooc characters, but not too much.

Jamie13121819 Jamie13121819 Dec 14, 2016
JASPER MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RKueen RKueen Dec 15, 2016
My definition of being a teenager:
                              Go to school
                              Then work
                              Then homework
                              Then piano
                              Then guitar
                              Then after-school choir
                              Then exercise
                              Then hobbies and drawing and all that
                              Then sleep at like 4:00 am
My mom doesn't let me say heck, but I say it in school anyway, like, all da time, and I curse in Greek and English in school to all da dam time
Isabel7789love Isabel7789love Dec 15, 2016
This is GREAT! I LOVE your writing! And I love your creativity! You are so creative to come up with the whole Cinderella story! To come to think about it, Annabeth is basically Cinderella! AMAZING STORY!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍
Jamie13121819 Jamie13121819 Dec 14, 2016
nico says no to thalia you have will and she will have reyna
RKueen RKueen Dec 15, 2016
I would've literally sneaked out of the house everyday if that was my mom.