Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why

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Natshane By Natshane Updated Dec 03, 2010

Thirteen Reasons Why (retry)


The treatment I received

Was it because of me?

Or because they couldn't find their own release?

To harassed a being

Till it drove them to the brink of insanity.


The choices they've made

The impact it has

On me, the victim

When they pleased themselves

With the laughter of mockery


Their needs to torment me

Pierced me with venomous words

And inconsiderate actions

That mounted up to form crushing pressure

Once again, on me.

Fed up

That had lead me

To make the decision to end my life

For I had grown tired with the teasing

That accompanied me

For a very long time.

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Natshane Natshane Jul 18, 2012
@66mnwc Thank you =D Well I've heard that there would be a movie too! But I'm not sure if it's Selena Gomez. Either way, I'll be one of the first to watch it xD
Natshane Natshane Dec 09, 2011
                              The book?? Try Maybe they have.
Natshane Natshane Sep 15, 2011
                              You're class is awesome, we lack in literature and only read classics ><
                              I would kill to read a book like that! Though I have to admit, it took me the second try to really understand Hannah.
CarmenzAwsome CarmenzAwsome Sep 15, 2011
@Natshane OMG, Really?:D cool! We have to read this book in class.:) ah
Natshane Natshane Sep 15, 2011
                              Me too! I happened to stumble upon it actually!
Natshane Natshane Sep 08, 2011
                              It's actually just a poem inspired by the book...