Zero's Paradise

Zero's Paradise

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Silver Lily By LittleLilyLord Updated Apr 07

[  W e  w o u l d   l i k e   t o   w e l c o m e   y o u   t o   

                          O u r P a r a d i s e O n l i n e

    W e   l o o k   f o r w a r d   t o   h a v i n g   y o u  ]

OurParadiseOnline or OPO is the newest VRMMO game to hit the market. Believed to be the next generation of VR technology as well as the first full dive survival fantasy realism RPG, OPO is a top priority buy.

As the countdown begins, and the servers reboot, they'll find themselves in a world unlike any they've ever dreamed of.

Forests so winding and tricky you can't escape. 

Mountains so tall you can't see the peak. 

Deserts littered with ancient ruins and vengeful souls.

Lakes so endless and deep they could engulf the sea. 

They can only wander unable to retreat. Fleeing from the beasts seemingly from nightmares that roam this world. Each one more vicious than the last.

OPO is a desolate lawless plane of death, a paradise for monsters, and a reality all to real. There is no escape even in death.

<Mature content includes:
Slight mentions of Rape
Violence, Gore, Profanity,
Cannibalism >

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