Two Worlds Collided

Two Worlds Collided

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tropic By tropical-sun Updated Sep 11

Have you ever wondered what the world we live in today would be like if you had discovered a secret world of supernatural, mythological, and magical creatures all living on this very same planet? 

Eleanor Bloom has been living her life being quite the open minded and sophisticated person that she is, but not once could she have ever imagined what was to come.

Who knew that a single hiking trip to Soum-Iverrion which is one of the highest mountains placed on the very outskirts of Aberington-North could lead to the discovery of something you had only heard of in books and only seen on TV? 

While discovering a hidden cave placed deep inside the mountain of Soum-Iverrion, Elle had to ask herself that very same question. That is after running into Jacob Archer, a strong willed guy with a sharp personality whose ancestor is none other than Zeus.

So the question is, what happens afterwards? How will Elle balance her life as a young adult woman going through her own problems and struggles while also involving herself in something as bizzare as this? Follow Elle on her journey uncovering magical regions, veracity of myths and unbelievable adventures striking her faster than lightning.