Dating Bieber (Zustin)

Dating Bieber (Zustin)

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Imagine a world without One Direction, with out 5Sos, without boy bands. 

So, that just leaves solo artists, like Justin Bieber. 

Now, the people of the boy band world still exist, they're just not famous. 

And this is where Zayn Malik comes in. 

Zayn works at his dad's car shop, and can fix up any type of car.  

Zayn and his father live in L.A., in the not so good side. They don't make loads of money, just enough to get by, so Zayn is no where near spoiled. He isn't in any type of a relationship, and he doesn't use girls. 

That's where him, and Mr. Bieber are totally different. 

Justin likes one night stands, getting drunk, and he spoils himself. He's rich to no end, and his cockiness level is nauseating, but girls still fall at his feet. Why? Because he's fucking sexy.

Management wants Justin to cool the fuck down, and get a life, but he can't do that without a relationship. 

A relationship that Justin doesn't know is planned. Justin has to fall first, and he falls hard.

(Beautiful cover made by @Michael_CliffordLUV).

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DanielMenendez24 DanielMenendez24 Nov 29, 2016
I think zayn has the wrong address, that's where my house is.
ShawniesMuffin_Hoe ShawniesMuffin_Hoe Aug 16, 2016
Noooo I luv JB but I cant make it without  5sos , p!atd,  bvb, bmh,  and botdf
ShawniesMuffin_Hoe ShawniesMuffin_Hoe Aug 16, 2016
No shut up shut up shut up SHUT UP . Who in the he'll can live in a world without.... Boybands 😭😭😭😭
YukiClarkOnna YukiClarkOnna Jun 19, 2014
I loved it it was awesome. I guess he has no choice now huh? Update please.