A Tainted Love ~SebastianXCiel.

A Tainted Love ~SebastianXCiel.

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Kira By Ghostly_Foxx Completed

This is by far my worst story, but eh. XD I wrote it when I was 13, so it's pretty rushed and.. well, dumb. Nevertheless, it's completed, so please enjoy!

Ever since Ciel had become a demon, his demon butler, Sebastian has been acting a little strange. Unlike his usual self, Sebastian has been a bit cruel to the young demon. Usually, it wouldn't bother Ciel, but lately, Ciel has been hiding a secret, he's in love with Sebastian. Ever since Sebastian began to act in such ways, Ciel's found it harder and harder to be his normal strong self. He's let his weaker side take over. Now, with every harsh word or action, another deep cut is added to Ciel's arm. Sebastian, having no clue of the boys actions, continue his mean ways. But, upon finding out of Ciel's cutting, will Sebastian stop his cruel ways and fall for the young boy? Or will he continue and drive Ciel to suicide?


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I'm so very sorry.  I know that the way  the fic goes but still wanted to pout that out. 
                              Please don't hate me for it. 
                              I am truly sorry
I have something to say 
                              Ciel can't die because he is a demon. If he try's he'll come back. Unless they have the demon sword that can kill him.
Unknown_to_Humans Unknown_to_Humans Mar 08, 2016
How can Sebastian not be aware of Ciel's self Harming issues? He dresses him EVERY day.
illusionary-dreams illusionary-dreams Nov 27, 2014
I'm guessing did end up writing this but I wanted to have my input... YES!!! I love ciel x Sebastian fanfics. Now into the story xD
LucifersFaveWife LucifersFaveWife Aug 16, 2014
I love the title I thought of Marilyn Manson as soon as I saw it
Ghostly_Foxx Ghostly_Foxx Jun 14, 2014
@_Elizabeth__Midford_  I can't say much without spoiling it, but I highly doubt he will. XD