my best friend's thug brother ( Need To Be Edited )

my best friend's thug brother ( Need To Be Edited )

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 I creeper down stair trying not let her hear me I peeked my head around the corner and saw my dad and mom arging I hate when they fight I saw my mom grab her long black hair crying and my dad trying to grab her but she pulled a way it hurt me to see her cry I went up stairs still a little hurt from seeing them fight I shook it off its not the first time seen it I got to my bed and got my phone to call my ride or die best friend Brianna but don't call her that she cuss your ass out she likes be to be call BRI


BRI: hello

me: BRI can you come pick me up there at it again

BRI : yeah my cars at the shop so Kevin going have drive us

I groaned Kevin is bri's older brother

me: OK whatever bye

BRI: dont be salty bye bea love you I'll be there in a hour

me:k love you to

I was a little salty and shit because of Kevin he's the second biggest drug dealer after my big brother Andrew they don't like each other but that not stopping me and BRI from be friends so i just stay a way ...

kriss-kross kriss-kross Jun 16
Really do hate my own book I am about to delete this 😂😂😂