The Dark King  [ON HOLD]

The Dark King [ON HOLD]

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Anna.S.V By Little_Writer_14 Updated May 26

He was cruel.
He was ruthless.
He was the Lycan King.
And I was his Queen.


 As I was so concentrated on handling the glasses, I did not notice two things. First, the whole room was eerily silent and secondly to where I was walking. This resulted in me colliding with somebody and drenching their whole expensive suit with the red wine. Just great!Rest in peace Lavender!

"I- I am s-sorry-yy....please forgive me, sir." I stuttered and went down on my knees.

"King, this filthy mutt-" My pack alpha, Alpha Jacob started but was stopped by a thunderous growl.

"ENOUGH!" King said. I am definitely dead.

"Get up." he ordered. Just as I got up, he nuzzled his head in my neck, and what he said next, stopped everyone's breath.


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