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Jack Francis By FloribundaRomance Updated Feb 22

A historical romance unlike any you've ever read. The hero is vulnerable and sensitive. The heroine is an ambitious cutthroat. And "happily ever after," just isn't happening.

Set in Victorian-era France, mostly in Paris, "Vincent" follows the stormy relationship between a sensitive and enigmatic young socialite, Vincent, and his opium-dealing prostitute of a lover, Layla. It starts out innocent and cute and quickly devolves into a hot dumpster fire-ass mess clad in hoop skirts and ascots. 

Vincent Lautrec is the wayward son of aristocracy in Victorian-era France. Born with albinism, Vincent has always been an outsider, even among outsiders. His desperation for companionship is quiet, but all-consuming, a subtle kind of madness overtaking his life.

So when he meets a beautiful woman who appears to accept him as he is, Vincent is immediately hypnotized by her.

All the better for Layla Floraison, the opium-slinging courtesan who ensnares Vincent's heart. 

Amidst her life of violence and high crime, she tries to make space for the awkward, naive Vincent, only to find that she cannot. She is too much in love with her life to change it for him, and he is too much in love with her to leave.

So, she draws him in, dismantling his innocence, one kiss at a time. 

Will she break him down to fit into her life? Or will he stand strong and bend Layla's will to his own desires? They both want love, they both want each other-- but they both have wildly different ideas about what that should mean. What starts out as an innocent affair evolves into a tumultuous battle of wills where someone must emerge victorious, or die trying.

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