She's First [gxg]

She's First [gxg]

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B3Silent By B3Silent Updated Aug 04, 2017

Olive Thorne has always gone by one motto and one motto only: Don't get in too deep or you'll find something you never wanted to find in the first place. But one time she did go too deep-about 4 years ago in 8th grade-and no one knows except for her best friend at the time, Christina Leigh. 

Now Olive is in 12th grade with two new best friends, Tara and Sylvia, and she's put the past behind her, never bringing up anything from the past to them. Ever since senior year started, Phillip, her long time guy friend, has followed around like a lost puppy, even though Olive doesn't feel the same way at all.

It's all fun until Christina wriggles her way back into Olive's life and brings up the one thing Olive has been trying to forget all these years. But, when the truth starts flowing, so do the lies.

And when the lies come out, so do the knives.

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pimpinzaddy pimpinzaddy Apr 07, 2017
Has anyone seen trolls the cartoon animated 1... the second 1 tho tbh and they say that I instantly thought of that 😂❤
blue12J blue12J Jun 04, 2017
Me after reading any Wattpad story ever!! 😂😂😂 jkjk I love my fellow Wattpadians!! ✌🏾✌🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾
GoogleWasMyIdea GoogleWasMyIdea Jun 27, 2014
as in you're a b**** to Sylvia, why not just teach her the handshake huh? poor Sylvia
thronesick thronesick Jun 21, 2014
So you asked me to check it out, and I'm glad I did. It's off to a good start. It's funny, light and feel-good. I'm already curious about Liv and Christina's past, and I think you could take this plot in some really interesting directions. Good luck with the rest of your story :]
callme_caro callme_caro Jun 19, 2014
Excited for more! I really love your characterization of Liv.. or can I not call her that? ;)